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Suggs Calls Skip Bayless "Douchebag"

In the apparently never-ending debate between Baltimore Ravens LB Terrell Suggs and ESPN First Take's Skip Bayless, this recent round goes to T-Sizzle by virtue of a knockout punch in the war of words. Bayless continues to try to bait Suggs into calling his teammate, QB Joe Flacco out, as it is painfully obvious how much Bayless loves to hate the Ravens QB.

However, Sizzle wasn't going there and hasn't throughout his back-and-forth verbal sparring sessions with the First Take show mainstay on their "debate" team. This time, however, Terrell decided to cross the line and rightfully so. According to a story linked by Pro Football Talk, Suggs grew weary of Bayless' constant trouble-making and said, "don't be a douchebag," momentarily stopping the big mouth, whose could only muster a response, "Now watch your language."