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C'est La Vie

Such is life. This is one of the more heartbreaking loses in recent history. But we can all take pride in the fact that our team played extremely well, and that we stayed in it the whole time. I know many of us Ravens fans feel sick right now, but all we can do now is look forward to next season. No sense in feeling pity. What's done is done. And while we may not have won this game, Flacco sure proved his critics wrong. He did his job. The reason we are heading home is because Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff decided not to do theirs. A spectacular defensive effort, nonetheless, and I am glad we at least had the chance to make it this far. And we can take pride that we swept our division, got farther than the Packers, Saints, and Steelers. I know the bitter taste of falling just short has haunted this franchise for the last 4 years, but I promise you Ravens fans, we are on the brink. And we will, without a doubt, break though very soon.

Here's to a very productive and optimistic offseason! And oh by the way, let's cheer on our fellow Harbaugh brother, Jim. Who's 49er team looks eerily similar to the 2000 Ravens. It may hurt tonight, but we have nowhere to go but up!