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Now Or Never

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Anything can happen any game in the NFL. A ball can bounce an inch too far or an inch too short and history can be written for entire generations of fans.

That is why it is extremely hard for teams to make it this far consistently. We are lucky here in Baltimore that we have a franchise that produces wins and finds itself in the postseason every year. But even for them, it's not often you get this close. The Super Bowl is so close they can taste it.

The Ravens have a great group of veterans mixed with a surplus of young talent. They are poised to make a seamless transition to the Ravens of the future while still staying true to their roots. For these veterans it's now or never. Many players have never come this close to the Superbowl and the ones who have never forget the times they did.

Players like Matt Birk, Bryant McKinnie, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed know they have to lay everything on the line this week or it will haunt them forever.

Baltimore is ready to watch their heroes go to battle and fight for the most important thing in their football lives. In this game there will be no holding back. We will find out a lot about our boys and who can step up in the biggest of spotlights. When their team, fans and city needs them most who will show up and who will fade away?

Win or lose and I am very proud of this team and proud to be a Ravens fan. A class organization all the way with a bright future but I want this one bad! It's our turn.