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Conference Championships Odds & Ends

These odds courtesy of Bovada. Included below are exact outcomes of the Super Bowl, hypothetical spreads for each Super Bowl matchup, stat leaders for this weekend’s games and stats for each game this weekend.

2012 NFL Playoffs - What will be the exact outcome of the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI?

New England Beats San Francisco 2/1

New England Beats New York Giants 3/1

Baltimore Beats San Francisco 9/1

Baltimore Beats New York Giants 15/1

San Francisco Beats New England 5/1

San Francisco Beats Baltimore 11/1

New York Giants beats New England 11/2

New York Giants beats Baltimore 12/1

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Super Bowl Spreads For Each Matchup (These are hypothetical)

New England -6.5

San Francisco +6.5

New England -4.5

New York Giants +4.5

Baltimore -1.5

San Francisco +1.5

Baltimore pk

New York Giants pk

CONFERENCE FINALS - Who will Record the Most Passing Yards?

Tom Brady (NE) QB 10/11

Eli Manning (NYG) QB 5/4

Joe Flacco (BAL) QB 9/2

Alex Smith (SF) QB 15/2

CONFERENCE FINALS - Who will Record the Most Rushing Yards?

Ray Rice (BAL) RB 2/3

Frank Gore (SF) RB 13/10

Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG) RB 6/1

Brandon Jacobs (NYG) RB 12/1

CONFERENCE FINALS - Who will Record the Most Receiving Yards?

Hakeem Nicks (NYG) WR 7/2

Wes Welker (NE) WR 4/1

Rob Gronkowski (NE) TE 9/2

Victor Cruz (NYG) WR 5/1

Aaron Hernandez (NE) TE 7/1

Anquan Boldin (BAL) WR 7/1

Torrey Smith (BAL) WR 10/1

Michael Crabtree (SF) WR 10/1

Vernon Davis (SF) TE 10/1

Mario Manningham (NYG) WR 15/1

2012 NFL Playoffs - How many Harbaugh's will appear in the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI?

0 9/5

1 5/7

2 9/2

Baltimore at New England

BAL +9

NE -9

Over/Under 50.5

Total Passing Yards – Joe Flacco (BAL)

Over/Under 240½

Total TD Passes – Joe Flacco (BAL)

Over 1½ (-140)

Under 1½ (+110)

Total Interceptions – Joe Flacco (BAL)

Over ½ (-165)

Under ½ (+135)

Total Rushing Yards – Ray Rice (BAL)

Over/Under 85½

Total Receiving Yards – Anquan Boldin (BAL)

Over/Under 67½

Total Tackles & Assists – Ray Lewis (BAL)

Over/Under 7½

Will Ed Reed (BAL) get an interception in the game?

Yes +350

No -500

Total Passing Yards – Tom Brady (NE)

Over/Under 315½

Total TD Passes – Tom Brady (NE)

Over/Under 2.5

Total Interceptions – Tom Brady (NE)

Over ½ (-165)

Under ½ (+135)

How many times will he be sacked - Tom Brady (NE)

Over 2 (-130)

Under 2 (EVEN)

Total Receptions – Wes Welker (NE)

Over/Under 7

Total Receiving Yards – Rob Gronkowski (NE)

Over/Under 85½

Will Rob Gronkowski (NE) score a TD in the game?

Yes -175

No +145

Total Receiving Yards – Aaron Hernandez (NE)

Over/Under 62½

(BAL vs NE) - Who will have the most New England Rushing Yards in the game?

BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE) RB 4/5

Danny Woodhead (NE) RB 7/4

Stevan Ridley (NE) RB 7/2

Aaron Hernandez (NE) TE 13/2

New York Giants at New England Patriots

NYG +3

SF -3

Over/Under 42

Total Passing Yards – Eli Manning (NYG)

Over/Under 300½

Total TD Passes – Eli Manning (NYG)

Over 2 (-135)

Under 2 (+105)

Total Interceptions – Eli Manning (NYG)

Over ½ (-250)

Under ½ (+195)

Total Receiving Yards – Hakeem Nicks (NYG)

Over/Under 85½

Total Receiving Yards – Victor Cruz (NYG)

Over/Under 82½

Total Tackles & Assists – Jason Pierre-Paul (NYG)

Over/Under 5

Total Passing Yards – Alex Smith (SF)

Over/Under 220½

Total Rushing Yards – Frank Gore (SF)

Over/Under 75½

Total Receiving Yards – Michael Crabtree (SF)

Over/Under 60½

Total Receiving Yards – Vernon Davis (SF)

Over/Under 55½

Total Receptions – Vernon Davis (SF)

Over/Under 4½

Will Vernon Davis (SF) score a TD in the game?

Yes +105

No -135

Total Tackles & Assists – NaVorro Bowman (SF)

Over/Under 9½

Will the Giants score a Rushing TD in the game?

Thanks for taking the time to read these. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Yes +140

No -170

Who will have more turnovers in the game?

New York Giants -175

San Francisco 49ers +145

How many times will the name "Peyton Manning" be mentioned during the live broadcast of the game?

Over/Under 2½