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Ravens 2012 Opponents

The current NFL season is not even in the books and the NFL has released the official opponents of each NFL tam for the 2012 regular season. The NFL is on a specific schedule of how opponents are determined and while the official schedule of when they will play, the questions of who and where have been answered as of the final standings of the regular season.

The Baltimore Ravens will of course play a hone-and-home series with their AFC North opponents, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns., which will account for six of their 16-game season. For winning the AFC North, they will play the winners of the AFC East and South, hosting the New England Patriots and traveling to the Houston Texans.

They will also be playing the AFC West and NFC East in 2012 From the AFC West, Baltimore will host both the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos and travel to the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers. Their NFC East competition will be the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants at home and the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins on the road.

It is obviously premature, but looking at what is a much tougher schedule than their 2011 one, the Ravens could at least go 7-1 at home and 4-4 on the road for a record of at least 11-5 and their NFL-leading fifth straight playoff appearance in a row. Not a bad outlook for the Baltimore Ravens' future.