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Ed Reed's Comments Blown Out Of Proportion

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By now everyone has heard that Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed "bashed" QB Joe Flacco in the media recently. I'm not sure I get what the big deal is?

What did Reed say that was so wrong? He said he offense struggled against Houston. They did. He said Flacco looked flustered in the pocket. He did. He got sacked five times! The offensive line was like a sieve. How can you fault Joe for not having a firm grasp on the plays they are trying to run when he only has 1.5 seconds to throw the ball?

Ed Reed was just telling it like it is. The offense, including Joe, has to play much better if they want to go to the Super Bowl. The good thing is, they will. The Houston defense was throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Flacco and they bottled up Ray Rice all the same. You don't here too many people talking smack to Rice and Vonta Leach for their performance in that game. Why? Because everyone knows the Texans have a great defense. So why should it be any different for Joe? The New England Patriots defense is not built like that. They do not have the pass rushers or the secondary to pull off that kind of a performance.

The Ravens will have the opportunities to score in this game and Joe Flacco will have to make plays. If Baltimore can keep putting points on the board and get a few turnovers this game and the Super Bowl will be theirs.

So, don't let ESPN tell you that our team is having problems. Ed Reed said nothing that everyone in Baltimore didn't know already. Joe missed some throws against a very good defense. Our receivers also dropped some balls. Our run defense got gashed and our offensive line looked useless. So where does this all fall on Joe?

The Houston Texans are a very good team. they are built for playoff football. We beat them while having a sub-par day. That is all that needs to be said. We will need to bounce back this week and get back to being physically dominant against New England.