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Anquan Boldin Defends Joe Flacco

It seems like the Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Joe Flacco is under the microscope dealing with a ton of criticism as he stands poised on the edge of the AFC Championship Game and perhaps a Super Bowl berth in only his fourth NFL season. Furthermore, he has not missed a single game since his career began and has made the playoffs in all four of his years as the Ravens are the only NFL team to make the post season the past four seasons.

Regardless, since he is not in the class of a Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, much less his opponent on Sunday, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, he is being picked apart by the media. However, his teammates are coming to his defense and while many others may have thought that safety Ed Reed threw him under the bus lately, he really actually was trying to say that he himself needed to step up his game as well.

Wide receiver Anquan Boldin also stuck up for Flacco recently in a story posted on Sports Radio Interviews. Boldin was interviewed by Phoenix radio station XTRA 910 to speak about his recent knee injury as well as his relationship with his QB. Here is a bit from the interview and click on the link above for the full story:

"I definitely think he’s not given his due credit for all that he does. I think people still kind of slight him. But I think for him, that’s motivation."