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Ravens Finally Getting National Attention

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It's probably only because there are four teams left and Baltimore happens to be one of them but the Ravens are all over the sports networks lately.

It is nice to finally be able to get some in depth analysis on our boys from a nation media source.

Although, former Raven Trevor Pryce was on the new NBC Sports network last night and he gave Baltimore no chance this weekend. In his words "nothing is stopping Tom Brady this season, he is too determined." That includes our Baltimore Ravens. Pryce went on to say he was headed over to Terrell Suggs' house the next day for a movie session and he would tell him that to his face too.

There are a wide variety of opinions on this game but much of the media has seemed to lean towards the Patriots in this game. I can see why. The Patriots are a sexy pick. They put up the points and look good doing it. For the Ravens however, like the players are saying "This team wins ugly". But, Baltimore is 7-0 against playoff teams this year. The Patriots were 0-2 vs. teams with a winning record. I have a feeling this match up is not as cut and dry as people seem to think.

If the Ravens can put points on the board and create a few turn overs, this game is theirs for the taking. So may be the Super Bowl if they can put it all together at the right time. It has been a strange season in the NFL and stranger things have happened.