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Matt Birk Says Ravens Rarely Win Pretty

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In a story posted by Sports Radio Interviews, Baltimore Ravens veteran center Matt Birk says he wasn't surprised by the tough game the team played against the Houston Texans in the 20-13 win this past weekend. He noted that the Ravens rarely win pretty by most others standards, but obviously couldn't care less as long as his team gets the win.

He joined KFAN in Minneapolis to talk about this and other issues and as a veteran in the NFL as well as coming from Harvard, when Birk talks, we should listen. He has an easy way about him, and in the few times I've been able to ask him questions, he always gives thoughtful responses, well stated and tries to get in a bit of that dry sense of humor.

Birk was asked about playing with Ed Reed and while you should click on the link above for the entire interview, this is just part of what Matt said about the Ravens All-Pro free safety:

"He’s Ed Reed. You’re not quite sure what greatness looks like, and then you see Ed Reed up close and you know exactly what it looks like."