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Ravens Monday Press Conference

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh spoke to the media at Monday afternoon's press conference and Baltimore Beatdown was in attendance to get a couple of questions in. Joining Harbaugh was OLB Jarret Johnson and rookie WR Torrey Smith. Here is my question to Coach Harbs and click on the 'Jump' to see my questions to JJ and Torrey:

Billy Cundiff hasn't hit a field goal at 40 yards since, I think, Week 9. He had two yesterday in pretty windy conditions. How does that feel to you? "The field goals were big. They were both tough kicks, (in) windy conditions, and they weren't that short either. Billy came up big. He did a nice job for us. Points, obviously, were at a premium, so that was good."

Jarret Johnson:

Home at M&T for the first time in the post-season were you able to notice how excited the fans were for yesterday and how did that affect you guys? "It was awesome. (We) love being at home. The fans are fired up. I really can't say enough about them. The atmosphere kind of speaks for itself."

I caught up with Torrey after he had left the podium and asked him a quick question:

Torrey Smith:

Did you have a lot of ticket requests for friends and relatives this past weekend? "I gave out about eight tickets, but everyone was calling me for seats."

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