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Jack Harbaugh Passes Down His Coaching Genes

The Harbaugh family has some pretty good coaching genes in it, as father Jack Harbaugh has two sons who have become head coaches in the NFL and are now both on the brink of playing each other in the Super Bowl if they can emerge victorious in next week's two conference championship games.

Jack Harbaugh talks about how nervous he was watching both of his sons’ teams this weekend in the playoffs, if they plan on traveling to watch the games or stay at home and watch them on TV, what he thought about the games this weekend, on Jim Harbaugh being able to turn Alex Smith around, if he is breaking down any film for his sons this weekend, and how he would react to his two sons playing in the Super Bowl.

Read the story posted on SportsRadio Interviews, on the conversation Jack had on 790 The Zone in Atlanta recently.