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Issues Against The Texans

The biggest issue for the Baltimore Ravens coming out of the playoff win against the Houston Texans has to be the lack of pass rush. Yes, Houston does have a good offensive line. Yes, they were trying to run plays designed to render the pass rush irrelevant but still we had plenty of opportunities to try and put T.J. Yates on his back.

The Ravens run game also seemed a bit lack luster on Sunday. They were playing a very good defense but in the beginning of the game they seemed as if they were afraid to run the ball. Ricky Williams had a decent game but there were a lot of yards left on the field in the run game. This will not do in New England. Baltimore will have to run the ball more.

The Ravens pass protection was also poor in this game in quarters two through four. The Texans do have an excellent pass rush but they can do better than that.

The Ravens special teams are still a problem as well. The opening kick-off was just the tip of the iceberg. Billy Cundiff came through huge in this game but he has also been inconsistent this season. Punter Sam Koch is holding this unit together. Baltimore will have to find a reliable kick-off return man for next season.