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Wear Your 'Fanstache'

Wear your 'FanStache!'
Wear your 'FanStache!'

Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco has been sporting a pretty 1980's era "fu-manchu" lately, and has no intention to shaving it anytime soon as long as the team remains in the hunt for the Lombardi Trophy. Fellow teammate TE Dennis Pitta is his "fu-manchu" twin, wearing the same look.

The original "Fanstache" is now available for purchase ($5.00) and the proceeds go to a good cause. They are supporting The Living Classroom and hope to raise at least $10,000, with $1.00 of every purchase going to this local charity.

So if you can't grow your own like Joe and Dennis, and even if you can, gets yours today and contribute to your Ravens pride in more ways than one!