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Broncos @ Patriots: Game-Time 'Open Thread'

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All Baltimore Ravens fans will become temporary fans of the Denver Broncos tonight as they travel to play the New England Patriots tonight in the Divisional Round of the 2012 AFC Playoffs. If the Broncos upset the Patriots like they did to the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend, then they will come here to Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium for the AFC Championship Game after the Ravens shut down and shut up the Houston Texans tomorrow afternoon.

Join us in this 'Open Thread' and post your comments along with other Ravens fans live during this game and hope that Denver QB Tim Tebow has one more miracle in his amazing bag of tricks. Pats QB Tom Brady already put a beatdown on Tebow in Denver but we can always pray for a reversal of fortune, can't we?

Besides, you just know that the Lord roots for his favorite football player and wants to see him survive for one more game, because if he does pull off another upset, his run of luck will certainly end next week here in Baltimore.

Go Broncos!!!