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Cam Cameron Backs Joe Flacco

There is a video on of Cam Cameron answering questions about the comments Joe Flacco made on Wednesday to the media. In the video Cam seemingly has Joe's back and has some pretty interesting things to say about the fourth year quarterback.

I'm sure everyone knows about the comments made by Flacco by now. Most of what he said was said tongue in cheek and was taken way out of context by the national media. However, you have to think that there was a lot of truth behind what Joe was saying. He does not get the credit he deserves in most circles and many NFL analysts consider Flacco the reason the Ravens will not make it to the Super Bowl.

Cameron went on to say that the comments made by Flacco were not a surprise and anyone that knows him knows he is a fiery guy that has a chip on his shoulder about his national perception. Cam also went on to say that he is a "huge Flacco fan" and he's excited to see what Joe is going to do on the field every time he plays. He labeled Joe as the "real deal" and said he was very excited when the Ravens decided to draft him.

It has been rumored that the relationship between these two has been a bit rocky over the years and they do not always see eye to eye. These comments by Cameron may have been an attempt to show his quarterback that he not only trusts him but he believes he is capable of being an "elite" quarterback as well. Or this is how Cam really feels and he is just now going to bat for the young signal caller publicly.

Either way it was great to here and he had some very nice things to say about his quarterback. I, like many Ravens fans have had my issues with Cam Cameron over the years but this video actually made me think he could do us some good if he stays here in Baltimore. Much of that depends on how the offense performs over the next few weeks in the playoffs but at least we know the right people are saying the right things.

By the way. I really like the beard Cam is sporting these days. He looks like captain Ahab, like he is in the midst of a long waling trip and is too busy to shave. Love it.

Go to to watch the video and tell us what you think...