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Ravens vs. Texans: SB Nation's Match-Up

Baltimore Beatdown is part of the SB Nation network of its current lineup of 317 sports blogs. The NFL section has posted a bunch of stories related to the Baltimore Ravens hosting the Houston Texans in this Sunday afternoon's 1pm (ET) match-up.

Their stories include the health status of Texans TE Owen Daniels, who has been dealing with an injured hand, but it has been reported that it will not stand in the way of his playing in this crucial game. Another story focuses on the fact that QB Joe Flacco is not concerned about the pressure to perform in this game to deflect the criticism of his consistency that has followed him throughout his four-year career.

The other stories related to this game are the opportunity for Houston to seek revenge for their week six 29-14 loss and the two big pass plays of 50+ yards that led to the game being broken open in the third quarter after the Texans had actually grabbed a short-lived 14-13 lead. Check it out.