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Anquan Boldin Swindled By Former Agent

According to the celebrity news site, TMZ, Baltimore Ravens star wide receiver Anquan Boldin was screwed out of $229,000 by his former agent. Boldin unsuccessfully sued and the story is reporting that he will not be receiving a penny from the guy who borrowed money and never paid it back.

The TMZ story says that:

a man Boldin trusted with his career swindled him out of $220,000....and now, it looks like he'll never get his money back. Boldin filed a lawsuit against Darrell Eugene Willis in Florida bankruptcy court, claiming Darrell asked to borrow $170,000 to start a sports management agency in 2004...and never paid him back. Anquan claims he supplied the loan on a condition that Darrell repay him with interest - and reduce his agency fee - but the venture failed...and Darrell filed for bankruptcy. Boldin sued Willis soon after to get his money back - but a bankruptcy judge ruled that Darrell was such a financial wreck, he didn't have to repay his debts...meaning Boldin is SOL. Calls to both parties were not returned.