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NFL Week 17 Early Games: 'Open Thread'

While the important game is the one where the Baltimore Ravens control their own destiny if they defeat the Cincinnati Bengals later this afternoon at 4pm, there are a bunch of interesting games that could still affect their playoff seeding and ultimately who they could play when the final pairings are determined. Ravens fans can still root for the Buffalo Bills to upset the New England Patriots and give Baltimore the chance to grab the #1 seed, which would make the road to the Super Bowl in the AFC go through M&T Bank Stadium.

So join all Ravens fans here on Baltimore Beatdown in this 'Open Thread' as we get ready for our own early "playoff game," and post your thoughts and comments on the day's early games. A lot of playoff implications in most of them are on the line, and even the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft is going to be determined this afternoon. So, the rooting interests today are:

Go Bills, Browns & Ravens!!!