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2010 Ravens-Steelers Comparison By The Numbers

Thanks to frequent contributor, Bal_Hawk, who posted these amazing similarities between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010. Although he did so in the comments section of an earlier story, I found them so fascinating that they definitely warranted a Front Page post of it's very own.

These two teams couldn’t be more equally matched. Here’s a quote that I found interesting…

Mostly it has been about two nearly perfectly matched teams clubbing each other into some small number of mistakes that prove fateful. The similarities between the 2010 Steelers and Ravens were so plentiful as to be almost eerie.

• The Steelers averaged 23 points per game, the Ravens 22.

• The Steelers averaged 18 first downs per game, the Ravens 19.

• The Steelers averaged 32 minutes of possession time per game, the Ravens 31.

• The Steelers scored 41 touchdowns, four of them on returns, the Ravens 40 touchdowns, four of them on returns.

• The Steelers averaged 44 yards per punt, the Ravens 44.

• The Steelers averaged 6 yards per punt return, the Ravens 7.

• The Steelers averaged 24 yards per kickoff return, the Ravens 25.

• The Steelers wore black and gold, the Ravens black and gold and purple.

• Two of their three meetings last year were decided by a field goal as were five of the past eight.