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Let's Play Football! Custom Jersey Sweepstakes

Dear NFL Fan,

The NFL lockout is over and your favorite NFL players are back on the field. We want you to know that the players of the NFL and the NFL Players Association greatly appreciate all the support you’ve given us and we look forward to enjoying many years of labor peace.

To celebrate the start of the new season and thank you for your support, we are launching an exclusive Facebook promotion, "Let’s Play Football Sweepstakes." Simply visit the "Let’s Play Football Sweepstakes" tab on the NFLPA Facebook Page to find out how you can enter for a chance to win a customized player jersey. Ten (10) winners will be randomly selected during Kickoff Weekend. The players are gearing up for an exciting season, and so should you with a brand-new customized jersey!

For the latest news and events involving NFL players, please go to, Like NFLPA on Facebook and follow the NFLPA on Twitter at @NFLPA.


Players of the National Football League