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Best Kickoff Weekend Performances, 1933-2010

Baltimore Colts legendary QB Johnny Unitas
Baltimore Colts legendary QB Johnny Unitas

The NFL Public Relations machine keeps churning out tons of information and statistics, and sent out the best kickoff weekend performances by quarterbacks, running backs and receivers, since 1933. Of note to Baltimore fans of the Ravens and old Baltimore Colts were one in each category.

Johnny Unitas, Baltimore vs. Atlanta (9/17/67)  22-32 for 401 yards, 2-TDs, 1-INT

Norm Bulaich, Baltimore vs. N.Y. Jets (9/19/71) 22 carries, 198 yards (Long: 71t) 1-TD

Anquan Boldin, Arizona vs. Detroit (9/7/03)  10 receptions, 217 yards (Long: 71t) 2-TDs

Notes:  Unitas' stats were the 9th most yards passing on opening weekend. Bulaich's were the 8th most yards and Boldin's, while earned as a member of the Arizona Cardinals, was the 2nd most receiving yards and the most since 1962. I specifically remember watching the 1971 Baltimore Colts beat the New York Jets on a grainy black & white television in my dining room during dinner as Bulaich had a career game the season after the Colts beat the Dallas Cowboys 16-13 in Super Bowl V.