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Tom Flacco Following In Big Brother's Footsteps

Tom Flacco, the youngest of five brothers in the Flacco family, is following in oldest brother Joe's footsteps as a quarterback in high school in New Jersey. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback has set the bar at the ultimate high level by going from high school to college to NFL QB and now the third high school QB in the family has some pretty big shoes to fill.

While all five brothers played high school football, only Joe and Mike, currently in the Baltimore Orioles minor-league baseball system, took snaps from under center. Now Tom moves onto a new high school but expects to play a significant amount of time due to his knowledge of their offensive coordinator's system.

From the story on, Tom has a ways to go before he will be compared to older brother Joe. At 6'1" and 165 pounds, he needs to grow and fill out a lot before he is mistaken for the NFL Flacco, who stands at 6'6" and 238 pounds. However, according to his former head coach, the pressure on the kid is not much different from having four older brothers and playing in a simple Whiffle-ball game in the family's backyard.