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Baltimore Ravens 2011 NFL Preview

The Baltimore Ravens head into the 2011 NFL season as one of the stronger teams in the league with definite designs on reaching the Super Bowl for the first time since their 2001 Super Bowl 35 victory. Off season moves have strengthened the defense, spread out the offense and another year of experience for QB Joe Flacco makes them a contender for both the AFC North as well as beyond. However, as in the past, they will have to get by their arch-rival Pittsburgh Steelers once again and will get their chance right off the bat as the Pittsburgh Steelers visit Baltimore in the regular season opener on September 11th.

Defensively, this will be another top-ranked Ravens defense. Ray Lewis may be another year older, but he is still among the best prepared linebackers in the game and with Ed Reed patrolling center field behind him, all that is needed is a better pass rush and cover corners.

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