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Who Makes It Back To Ravens Practice Squad

When the Baltimore Ravens cut players to get down to the 53-man roster size, there were more than a few tough decisions at certain positions, especially for theyounger guys that the team would have preferred to keep if the rosters were larger. However, along with a solid veteran team, tough decisions mean that there are very good players forcing the team to make difficult choices between NFL-caliber players in camp here.

Some of those players were told upon getting the bad news that the team plans to offer them positions on their eight-man Practice Squad if they are not picked up by other NFL teams. A few of the names mentioned that might be joining the Ravens Practice Squad are RB Damian Berry, LB Josh Bynes, DB Nate Williams and OL Justin Boren. Other players who had decent Training Camps but were still victims of being in positions with solid depth could include safety Mana Silva, CB Josh Victorian, center Tim Barnes and QB Hunter Cantwell.

Of course, along with the rest of the league, the Ravens will be combing through other teams' roster cuts and could very well add players to their 53-man roster or offer positions on their Practice Squad. The next 24 hours or so will flesh out a lot of open questions as the team finalizes its roster and heads into "Steelers Week" with plans of focusing on the game-plan and deciding which 46 of those 53 players will be active for the opening regular season game of the 2011 NFL season