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Baltimore Beatdown's 'Boldest Fan'

This could be one up for the strongest debate of any topic here on Baltimore Beatdown. Coming up with just one name to honor as the 'Boldest Fan' on this site puts a ton of pressure on this writer, as there have been so many passionate fans who have graced our pages with their wit, wisdom and Baltimore Ravens pride. However, after careful thought and consideration, there has been one guy who has been here through thick and through thin, who has represented The Beatdown with the type of loyalty and dedication that would make any true Ravens fan's heart swell.

Mr MaLoR has been a member of Baltimore Beatdown since 2008. Since he came on board and drank the purple kool-aid, he has been by far the most vocal poster on our site, typing in over 25,000 comments. MaLoR has ventured out to other SB Nation NFL blogs in support of the Ravens, and in some cases is no longer welcome on certain fan sites that we won't mention for the sake of honor, even though one of them might just happen to be in, say, the state of Ohio.

Seriously, we should all tip the bill of our Ravens caps to MaLoR, who epitomizes what we feel when the topic of our Baltimore Ravens comes up, be it in a simple conversation or a serious debate with, perhaps one of the many Pittsburgh Steelers fans that not only are welcomed on this site but appear in such disgustingly large amounts in and around the Baltimore metropolitan area. Thanks to the Steelers and their fans, the Ravens and their fans enjoy the spotlight of what is the best rivalry in the NFL and perhaps in all of sports.

Let's join in congratulating Mr MaLoR for this prestigious honor of being named Baltimore Beatdown's 'Boldest Fan' and if you see him at a local watering hole or Ravens event, reward him by making sure the first round is on you.