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Ravens Roster Cuts: 'Open Thread'

As the Baltimore Ravens already seem to be announcing roster cuts to get down to their 53-man roster today, players have began 'tweeting' their status and rumors have already surfaced. However, teams are not required to officially release their cuts until 6pm tonight, despite many cuts being unofficially announced. In that vein, and to release your frustrations and provide an open forum to vent your opinions on what the Ravens do as well as other team's released players that you might think the Ravens should consider adding, post it all here on Baltimore Beatdown throughout the evening.

We'll probably keep this "Open Thread' up all day until the final roster is released, so keep checking back for more news, rumors and other readers' opinions.

Update: 3pm and it appears that the team has made 14 cuts, with 12 to go to get down to 54 (roster exemption for David Reed's suspension for game 1)