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Happy Birthday to the Ravens' OJ Brigance

Happy Birthday OJ Brigance!
Happy Birthday OJ Brigance!

Former Baltimore Ravens player OJ Brigance is celebrating his 42nd birthday today. As a member of the Ravens, Brignce was a pass rushing terror and a force on Special Teams. ow, he spends most of his life in a motorized wheelchair, piloted and attend to by a medical assistant who monitors every bodily function of Brigance. ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) has taken his muscles and continues to debilitate him to the point that he is totally dependent on others for virtually everything he needs.

OJ can usually be seen almost every day at the Baltimore Ravens Training Facility, watching practice or around the complex. In 2007 he helped create the "Brigance Brigade Foundation," with the mission of finding a cure for the disease and providing funds to improve the life for ALS patients and their families.

Now you can help by purchasing and proudly wearing one of these nice t-shirts, with a portion of the proceeds going to the "Brigance Brigade Foundation." They are available from the Baltimore Ravens Team Store, and you can find out more on OJ and his fight against ALS at