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Analyzing Torrey Smith's Breakout Game

Over at, they took a look at Baltimore Ravens rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith's record-setting performance last Sunday when he caught his first three NFL receptions for TD's, all in the  first quarter of the Ravens 37-7 win over the St. Louis Rams. Their analyst just published a fantastic breakdown of the X's and O's behind Torrey Smith's debut performance.

Titled, "The Tape Never Lies: Breaking Down Torrey Smith's Debut," by Alen Dumonjic, they discuss Smith's routes as well as the Rams' defensive positioning that led to the touchdowns. Alen utilizes stop-action photographs that show Smith's explosive ability to get off the line and put the defensive back in a bad position within steps.

He also breaks down the Rams 'Cover-3' zone in a diagram, explaining the strengths and weaknesses of it and finishes up with his assessment on the future of the Ravens speedy receiver, saying,

"Rookie wide receiver Torrey Smith of the Ravens had an outstanding debut and the Ravens hope that he builds on his performance in the following weeks. Smith had more touchdowns in the first quarter of his first game than Mark Clayton had in his rookie season, and the same amount of catches that Yamon Figurs has in his career. Despite a quality debut that showed a lot of potential and promise, Smith will have to continue to work hard to improve his technique, route running and overall skills. He certainly has the potential to do damage in the NFL with his natural skills."