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Ravens Return To Form Leading Rams 27-0 At Half

Keep it here on Baltimore Beatdown and continue to root the Baltimore Ravens onto a crushing victory as they lead the St. Louis Rams at the half, 27-0. As bad as it looks for St. Louis, it could be a lot worse, with two 51 yard FGs were missed by Billy Cundiff. This game could be well into the forties with a break here and there, but I believe no Ravens fans are complaining anywhere as much as they were last week at this time.

Post your thoughts and comments and as the lead grows and the time runs down, lay off the poor Rams fans as they were outmatched from the beginning as the Ravens are proving they are a lot more like the team that beat the Pittsburgh Steeers in week one than the one that bottomed out in week two at the Tennessee Titans.

Ravens QB Joe Flacco has 264 yards passing with three TD passes, all to rookie Torry Smith, as the team has rolled up close to 400 yards of offense in the first half alone. At the same time, they have limited the Rams to 81 total yards including only three yards passing on a 4-15 performance by St. Louis QB Sam Bradford.