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Which Rams Will Ravens Be Facing?

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Before anyone wants to complain about the injuries that the Baltimore Ravens have had to endure in the first two games of the 2011 NFL regular season, think about what the St. Louis Rams have already been through. While the Ravens have lost cornerbacks Jimmy Smith and Chris Carr, as well as WR Lee Evans, at least the nucleus of the key players has remained intact.

Imagine losing your starting running back as well as your best wide receiver in the opening game of the season? The Rams had to play last week without RB Steven Jackson and WR Danny Amendola, and both are still injured as they prepare to face Baltimore. Jackson is recovering from a hamstring injury and could play today, but Amendola's dislocated elbow should keep him out of this game, if not longer.

With the possible loss of starting left guard Ben Grubbs, the Ravens look to be moving center Andre Gurode over to that position and while he has never played there before, he is a pro and tough enough to grasp it and do a fine job. WR Lee Evans might be out but this should be a great time to see what our rookies can do against a team that quite frankly, the Ravens should beat rather soundly.

However, after laying an egg at the Tennessee Titans last week, many fans are concerned and rightly so, about which Ravens team will show up at 4pm today. However, the bigger question that should be asked, is which Ram players will the Ravens be facing?