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Baltimore Charm @ Cleveland Crush: Gametime 'Open Thread'

The opportunity to post your comments and opinions live while watching the Lingerie Football League's Baltimore Charm take on the host Cleveland Crush tonight (MTV2 @ 10pm) doesn't attract as much traffic as the Baltimore Ravens game threads. However, if you tune into the game right now, you will not only be impressed with the beautiful ladies and sexy uniforms, but the level of play should help convince you that this game is more than just selling those sexy ladies in skimpy outfits.

Sure, Chairman and founder Mitch Mortaza is no dummy and knows that sex sells, but he was adamant in getting his message across that he did not want any "Paris Hiltons" in the league, whose only goal was to get noticed by Playboy or other outside interests. He wanted "bad mother-effers" to promote that this is real football, just played by sexy women.

So check out the game and you will be impressed by the way these players know their football, have the drive to hit and hit hard, and are extremely athletic football players. Remember, the teams next home game is November 18th, when they host the Eastern Conference defending champion Philadelphia Passion at 1st Mariner Arena. Click on the team's website or Facebook page for more info and check out LFL360 for my stories on the Baltimore Charm.