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Titans Hit On Flacco Draws $7,500 Fine

Early on in the Baltimore Ravens 26-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans this past Sunday, QB Joe Flacco tried to run under pressure and was tackled on what should have been an innocuous play. However, Titans DE Derrick Morgan pounced on Flacco as he lay on the ground, leading with his elbow. The referees threw out their yellow hankies and the Titans were hit with an "unnecessary roughness" personal foul 15-yard penalty.

Upon further review, according to the story in the National Football Post, the NFL has also decided to hit Morgan with a $7,500 fine for that late hit, which he has already said he will appeal. While the replay shows Morgan landing on Flacco a bit after the play was over, it might have been a borderline call, depending on which side you were rooting for.

What I saw from the replay that bothered me was not the timing of the hit, but the way it was delivered. Had Morgan just landed on top of Flacco with arms around Joe or extended, I might only have complained a bit about the non-call had it not been flagged. But noting his elbow to the unprotected ribs that obviously made Joe flinch with the contact, I fully support sending a financial lesson tot eh Titans young defensive end.