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Baltimore Ravens Mobile Provides A Wealth Of Information For Fans

Baltimore Ravens Mobile(free!) by YinzCam / Ravens provides a wealth of information for any Ravens fan wishing to keep tabs on their games. From a story on, they give a big thumbs-up to anyone who wants to stay informed on statistics, including box scores, scoring, drives, depth chart, and injuries. They also provide videos, news articles, photos and sound bites.

The app is not without its issues, however, as the screen takes a while to re-load and the sounds isn't exactly as clear as you'd like. However, for a free app which will allow you to have a bit more knowledge than the average fan almost as soon as it happens, especially if you are in your seats at the stadium, it is a must have for any real fan.

Available exclusively through Verizon, it does include the typical advertisements, but they are not mentioned as an issue, especially for a free app.