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Ravens Kindle Nailed Twice In Tennessee

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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Sergio Kindle may not have been active for the team's 26-13 loss at the Tennessee Titans, but he will leave Nashville not only sadder, but poorer than he came there. After watching his team lose to the Titans, Kindle also was sued by a local bank for $130,000.

According to a story in The Tennessean, Kindle failed to repay loans from US Bank's Nashville-based entertainment and music division. According to the story and the lawsuit, Kindle defaulted on two loans in 2010 and was served sometime this past weekend, although the team is not making this information public as to the specifics of how, when and where.

The bank's attorney would not go into details, but said it was relatively typical for high NFL draft picks to take out loans in advance of their initial payday for things such as "workouts, trainers, specialty chefs, vehicles and other expenses leading up to the draft."