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Ravens Game Prices Remain Stable In 2011

The average family of four will pay the sixth-highest prices in the NFL this season to attend a Baltimore Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium. However, according to a story in the Baltimore Business Journal, the $486 price tag for that game is virtually unchanged from 2010 prices. Nonetheless, the high price of getting to, watching, eating and drinking at a Ravens game almost out-prices most families from enjoying the game anywhere other than from in front of a television.

The Ravens did not raise prices this year from last season, with the average ticket price at M&T Bank Stadium being a tad under $87. The story factors in the cost of drinks (two beers, four sodas), food (four hot dogs) and game programs (free). My two Club Level seats cost me $225 per seat per game, so that comes out to $450 before you even take into account parking ($35/game), food and drink, both prior to the game tailgating in the parking lot to purchasing additional food once we get into the stadium.

The New York Jets have the highest average price for a family of four ($628), while the Jacksonville Jaguars have the cheapest price in the league for that same family being able to watch an NFL game ($316).