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Baltimore Beatdown Smashes Previous Best Month For Traffic

A huge "THANKS!" goes out to the loyal followers of Baltimore Beatdown for totally obliterating the previous mark for most visits and page views in a single month. Before August, the best month this site has ever had was the playoff run the Ravens went through in January 2011, when we had 125,000 visits and 212,000 page views. A visit is when someone clicks onto Baltimore Beatdown and a page view is the places and stories they go within the site. Only twice before in The Beatdown's four year history have we gone over the 100K mark in terms of visits, most recently in July due to the return of football.

However, August was an amazing month and with it, the future of this site continuing to provide the best discussion opportunity for true Baltimore Ravens fans will only grow and develop. In August, Baltimore Beatdown had over 183,000 visits and 343,000 page views. This is 50% more than the next best month ever in our history and much of the thanks goes to you, the readers. Your FanPosts, comments and opinions have fueled this increase with thought-provoking dialogue and knowledgeable facts backing up your opinions.

With the NFL season only beginning next week,there is no reason why Baltimore Beatdown can't continue its upward spiral of growth, add more content and opportunities for you to get involved and contribute to what many say is the best Ravens fan site on the internet. Once again, my thanks and respect to all of you who have stuck with us over the years and joined in on rooting the Ravens on to what we believe will be another magical season culminating in the Lombardi Trophy this coming February.