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Ray Lewis' Son Following In Dad's Footsteps

Ray Lewis III, son of Baltimore Ravens All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis, appears to be on his way to a solid college and perhaps even an NFL career, if he follows in his father's footsteps, according to a story on Lost Letterman (College Sports Fan Site and Player Database). The younger Lewis plays at Lake Mary Prep in Orlando, Florida and is the star of his high school football team. He has played QB, RB, WR and of course LB for his team. He is in the Class of 2013, so while you might not hear of him for a while longer, his name will surface shortly.

When asked what college he would like to attend, he didn't hesitate in naming, "Miami" as the school he prefers to attend but would keep his mind open. The University of Miami Hurricanes are facing significant sanctions as a result of a investigation on improper conduct, but hopefully the penalties will not affect Lewis' abilities to follow on that hallowed ground of players that have made the trek from high school to college there and ultimately to the NFL.

Surprisingly, while Ray III has excelled at linebacker, he has also done most of his damage on the other side of the ball, rushing, passing and receiving. Depending on how his body grows over the next couple of years, will determine which side of the line of scrimmage he ultimately lines up on.

Something tell me Daddy might have a say in that decision!