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Sports Illustrated Predicts Ravens To Share AFC North Title

Sports Illustrated’s NFL Preview predicts that the Baltimore Ravens will finish tied for first with the Steelers at 10–6. Not only will they tied for the division title, but SI also predicts that the Ravens will reach the AFC Championship Game, only to lose to the San Diego Chargers, 22–16.

Also in this issue is senior writer Damon Hack’s team scouting report, which focuses on beating "that team from Pennsylvania" and the growth of Joe Flacco and spotlights Anquan Boldin as the team’s key player. Senior writer Tim Layden also acknowledges Ray Lewis as not only one of the five best tacklers in the game but as one of the five best tacklers in history.

SI's Peter King was dead on correct when he predicted the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers would play in the Super Bowl last season and now has those same Steelers winning the AFC North on a tie-breaker and the Ravens once again going on the road in the playoffs as the Wild Card. He does have the Ravens beating both the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots in the post-season before losing to the Chargers one step away from the Big Game.