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The 'Best of Times' Tailgating Bar

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The 'Best of Times' Tailgating Bar
The 'Best of Times' Tailgating Bar

The 'Best of Times' Bar instantly transforms your tailgating experience into a whole new level of entertaining, as you can show your Baltimore Ravens pride in style with this portable and easy to set-up bar. Packaged into a movable suitcase with wheels, it stores in the trunk of your car, then blossoms into the best-looking tailgating bar in the stadium parking lot.

It comes in a ton of different team colors, from college to pro sports, as well as tropical and other styles. Built of high grade materials, it is solid to hold the weight of whatever you put on it, yet light enough to be moved around and set up by one person in minutes. It comes with an L-shaped bar which holds an umbrella and has a built-in cooler to stores cold food and beverages. A separate matching table holds your portable grill in addition to four matching bar stools.


The team colors are removable and attach via a series of Velcro tabs, letting everyone around know you are a true fan, as you can see in the above photos of mine, which was set-up quickly by my son right out of the box without any problems. Check out the 'Best of Times' Bar with all the options, testimonials and ordering information by clicking on the link at the top of the story and "Like" them on Facebook as well.