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Ravens Fall Flat To Titans: 26-13

The first half wasn't pretty and the second half didn't get any better as the Baltimore Ravens lost to the Tennessee Titans in Nashville, 26-13. After managing to stick with Tennessee in the first half, Baltimore could only muster three measly points after halftime. At the same time, Titans QB Matt Hasselbeck, not wanted even by the lowly Seattle Seahawks, shredded the Ravens defense all afternoon, finding open receivers on third and long plays in critical situations.

With the Titans rolling up well over 400 yards of offense, the Ravens helped out with zero sacks and dismal coverage by their depleted secondary. Offensively, Joe Flacco had time but could not find any receivers open most of the afternoon. Many people were concerned that the team might come out flat after such an impressive opening day victory and they were right.

So much to dissect and complain about, but we will have all week for that. One thing for sure is that when you lose a game you are supposed to win, to even it out you must then win a game you are supposed to lose. Which game will that be?