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Ravens Lucky To Be Tied 10-10 With Titans: 2nd Half 'Open Thread'

The Baltimore Ravens are tied with the Tennessee Titans at the end of the first half and by looking at the game and the stats, they're lucky to even be tied at this point. The Titans have almost doubled the Ravens total yards and Tennessee QB Matt Hasselbeck has shredded the Baltimore secondary for 189 yards. Meanwhile Joe Flacco is on hitting on 50% of his 16 ass attempts for a paltry 95 yards, with most of them coming on his 31 yard TD pass to Ray Rice off of a short screen.

Stick with Baltimore Beatdown fo rthe 2nd half in this 'Open Thread' and post your continuing thoughts as we look forward to a better performance and put this game out of reach rather than wait until the last few moments or gasp, blow this one on the road.