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Warren Sapp on Steelers: "old, slow and it's over!"

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Former NFL player and now NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp had this to day about the Pittsburgh Steelers in recent comments posted on Sports Radio Interviews:

"The Pittsburgh Steelers. I have three things: old, slow and it's over!"

Sapp also went on to say a few other choice things about the reported demise of the Steelers, which despite my hatred of them as AFC North rivals of our Baltimore Ravens, may be a bit too premature. Warren made these comments on the Showtime series: Inside The NFL.

Both WR Hines Ward and LB James Farrior took what Sports Radio Interviews calls "the high road" in responding to Sapp's negative comments. The two Steelers expressed love and admiration for the two-time Pro Bowler but something tells me they will do everything in their power to prove Sapp wrong, starting this Sunday when the Seattle Seahawks come to Heinz Field. Look out, Seattle, I'd hate to be you this week.