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LFL Baltimore Charm Hosts Orlando Fantasy: 'Open Thread'

LFL Friday Night Football Live on MTV2
LFL Friday Night Football Live on MTV2

Here's a new 'Open Thread' for you fans of Baltimore football. The Lingerie Football League's Baltimore Charm opens their 2011 season hosting the Orlando Fantasy  tonight at Baltimore's 1st Mariner Arena and live on national television (MTV2) at 10pm. If by some chance you are not lucky enough to be there like me, watch the game (Baltimore County Xfinity Channel 140) and post your thoughts and comments on the game.

You will be surprised and impressed at the level of the play and how hard these ladies get after each other. They have been practicing non-stop since February and plan to put on a great show for their fans and national TV audience. So stick with Baltimore Beatdown as the "other" football team in town has a game tonight and if you are a true football fan, you will tune in and check it out! Trust me, you WILL be impressed!