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Baltimore Beatdown Interviewed By LFL360 Radio Network

LFL Logo
LFL Logo

Baltimore Beatdown was interviewed yesterday on the upcoming home game tonight as the Lingerie Football League's Baltimore Charm opens their 2011 season at the 1st Mariner Arena at 10pm (live on MTV2). "Too Many Men On The Field" is the name of the show, so listen into the 16 minute piece hosted by Scott Jacobs. If you haven't seen the brand of football these ladies play, check it out before you try to stereotype what you think you will see just because these ladies are beautiful and wearing sexy uniforms. And believe me, they are both beautiful and sexy, but they really know how to play solid, hard-hitting quality football.

If you live near Baltimore City, I totally recommend you check it out live at the old "Civic Center," as the pre-game ceremonies should be entertaining, the seats inexpensive and can be bought at the box office or through Ticketmaster.