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SB Nation Power Rankings: Ravens #2

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SB Nation just put up their NFL Power Rankings for Week 2 of the regular season. The Baltimore Ravens opened week one at the #8 position before any games had been played. However once the Ravens totally dominated the Pittsburgh Steelers in all phases of the game, they now rank 2nd, only behind the Green Bay Packers, who opened the NFL season this past Thursday night with a thrilling victory over the New Orleans Saints

Right behind the Ravens are the New England Patriots, followed in order by the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets and New Orleans Saints. Surprisingly, right after the Saints are those same Pittsburgh Steelers who got manhandled by the Ravens, meaning that most people think the Steelers are not nearly as bad as they looked on Sunday.

While I do agree with the opinion,  have to question the ranking, especially considering the efforts of both the Chicago Bears (30-12 winners over the Atlanta Falcons) and Houston Texans (34-7 victors over the Indianapolis Colts). Bringing up the rear of the rankings at #32 are the Denver Broncos, who are already beginning the "start Tim Tebow" chants after only one week.