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LFL's Baltimore Charm Prepares For Opening Game Friday Night On MTV2

LFL Friday Night Lights
LFL Friday Night Lights

Friday night the players and coaches of the Lingerie Football League's Baltimore Charm traveled together up to Trenton, NJ to watch the Philadelphia Passion dismantle the Tampa Breeze 48-0. The next afternoon, they were back n the practice field in Frederick, Maryland preparing for their opening game of the 2011 LFL season when they host the Orlando Fantasy on Friday night, September 16th, at Baltimore's 1st Mariner Arena (10pm on MTV2).

The Offense and defense split up, with the offense doing drills on the indoor field while the defense watched and broke down film in the upstairs classroom. The interesting strategy discussion centered on the players role within their defense on every play they watched over and over in slow motion, with the coaches pointing out both what the player did right and wrong on that specific play. The focus on angles and funneling the ball carrier back to their defensive teammates, using real football coaching slang. The player's grasp of "coach-speak" and technical lingo for this level of football is impressive.

A few of the players are still nursing injuries ranging from serious ACL surgeries to a recent broken clavicle that required surgery but didn't deter the player from attending practice less than two weeks after going under the knife and proudly showing off her battle-scar.

After a three-hour practice session, head coach Rick Reeder gave them an hour break and then it was back on the field for another two-hour session, starting with calisthenics and cardio exercises to get them loose to prevent any more unnecessary injuries. The final full practice session before Friday night's nationally televised game ends with an exhausted but proud and confident squad that is world's away from last year's expansion team.

The team will hold a Media Day this coming Thursday at the 1st Mariner Arena, in full uniforms and go through a light practice on their home field. Then the lights will come on as they host the Tampa Breeze in a game that should set the tone for their entire regular season, as they follow up this game with another next week at the expansion Cleveland Crush, before crossing the border into Canada to play the Toronto Triumph in October (10/28) and hosting Eastern Conference Champion Philadelphia Passion in November (11/18).

However, right now the only thing that matters to the Baltimore Charm is the Orlando Fantasy under the Friday night lights of Baltimore's 1st Mariner Arena and MTV2.