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Ravens Players Stand Up For Each Other

When the Baltimore Ravens beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 35-7 on Sunday, they did not just beat them on the scoreboard, but also after the whistle was blown. Once the game's outcome was obvious not going to change, the Steelers resorted to thug-status, trying to get in a shove or yank or twist of the Ravens players after the play had ended.

However, the Ravens players would have none of this, coming to the aid of their teammates time and time again, as the Steelers players, who were just used to getting stomped in this fashion, were having real problems dealing with the humiliation of the lop-sided loss.

Troy Polamalu tried to get in an extra shove after a tackle of Ray Rice, and center Matt Birk and FB Vonta Leach came to his aid. Rookie WR Torrey Smith got pushed around on the sideline and his teammates stepped in to rescue him. Jarret Johnson and Hines Ward got into it on one play and shortly thereafter, JJ sent the message not only to Ward but to the entire Steelers team that this Baltimore team would not be pushed around any more by delivering the message via a pancake hit for the ages.

It used to be the Ravens players showing their frustrations as the Steelers always seemed to find a way to make the big play to turn the game in their favor and result in the Ravens losing their cool along with the game. No this time, as the Ravens responded both during and after the play, pushing the Steelers around all over the field and beating them on the scoreboard as well in the scrums. Unfortunately for Pittsburgh, the biggest bruises they will be dealing with after this beatdown is not on their bodies, but in their egos.