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Get Sports Scores & News Direct to Your CEIVA Digital Photo Frame

CEIVA Connected Digital Photo Frame
CEIVA Connected Digital Photo Frame

Missed last night’ssports scores and too busy to catch the morning news? Dog chewed up the morning newspaper again? CEIVA®has just the right thing for you to get you up to speed before hitting the "sports authority" at the office water cooler. With CEIVA Connected Photo Frames’ESPN Sports Scores & Sports News Channels, you can get news updates delivered directly to your digital photo frame each morning – without doing a thing!

I just received my CEIVA Photo Frame and easily figured out how to send photos from my computer and even my cell phone to my CEIVA frame and they magically appear on it. Plus, I added other "channels" such as ESPN News, World News, Weather, This Day In Sports/History, Lottery, Horoscope, Word of the Day, and many many more.

Each day it automatically reloads with new updates. This is a great gift for yourself, friends, parents or grandparents. Send the folks photos of the kids without them touching their CEIVA frame, as the photos will show up each morning wherever you or they are all over the world. Click on the 'Jump' for more info about the CEIVA Connected Digital Photo Frame ad how to order yours to keep up on all the NFL and Baltimore Ravens news, scores and so much more!

How does it work? CEIVA’S photo sharing service allows you to subscribe to a variety of CEIVAChannels, including ESPN Sports Scores and News. Each morning, an updated display of all your favorite sports news appears; from the NFL to the PGA to the NCAA, from the NBA to the MLB to the NHL and more, CEIVAdelivers them all to you. Channel displays scroll through along with your personal display of photos sent from invited friends and family - everywhere!

Always at the forefront of technology breakthroughs, CEIVA Connected Photo Frames are designed to enhance the photo sharing experience as well as provide innovative advances in the way consumers see, share and store their digital photos. Since 2000, CEIVA has been regarded as an industry leader and setting them apart from all others is CEIVA's exclusive PicturePlan® photo delivery service. Through this patented technology, CEIVA frames automatically display photos sent from email & camera phones, from sites like Facebook and Shutterfly, and from IOS and Android with CEIVA’s apps. You invite friends and family to send photos from anywhere - for free. Once downloaded, CEIVA'ssignature blue light indicates that new photos have arrived. Frames connect by telephone, or through a Wifior broadband connection. No computer is necessary to own a frame.

CEIVA frames come with the unlimited PicturePlan Lifetime Warranty. As long as you have PicturePlan, if the frame breaks, CEIVAwill replace it or fix it for free — even if the cat knocks it into the sink! All new frames include one year of service, and plans begin at $6.95 per month from there. U.S. based Customer Care is available by calling toll-free at 1-877-692-3482 and support is also available at

About CEIVA Logic, Inc.

CEIVA,, (see-vuh) the inventor of connected digital photo frames, provides lifestyle-enhancing products that enable families and friends to automatically share and display an endless slideshow of all their treasured photos. CEIVA Digital Photo Frames™ with PicturePlan® allow members to send photos directly to the frame from anywhere in the world, store an unlimited number of photos online and enjoy the worry-free PicturePlan® Lifetime Warranty. Patented technology exclusively from CEIVA is designed for every generation to use with ease so that daily photo sharing is always a rewarding experience. CEIVA products are available at and headquarters are located in Burbank, California.