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Ravens' Flacco Has 4th Longest Active QB Starts Streak

According to the NFL, Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco has the fourth longest active streak for consecutive games started by a QB in the NFL. Prominent in recent news is the active NFL QB leader, Peyton Manning, whose streak will end today when he misses the Indianapolis Colts opening game at the Houston Texans. after 208 consecutive starts since being draft by the Colts in 1997, there will be a different QB starting for Indianapolis this afternoon.

Flacco has started every game since being drafted by the Ravens in 2008. That's 48 straight regular season games, not including the post-season. In front of Joe on the active starts list is Peyton's younger brother, Eli Manning, with 103 consecutive starts and Philip Rivers with 80. Right behind Flacco is Houston Texans QB Matt Schaub with 30 starts.

Interesting, yet not mentioned in the NFL Press Release, is that Flacco is the youngest one on this list, with all of his 48 starts being in his first three NFL seasons. Hopefully, it will be at 64 and counting by the end of the 2011 NFL regular season.