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Ravens vs. Steelers: Gametime 'Open Thread'

Join Baltimore Beatdown for this gametime 'Open Thread' to post your thoughts and comments while screaming your head off cheering for the Baltimore Ravens as they host the Pittsburgh Steelers today at M&T Bank Stadium. No need to regurgitate the importance of this game or the hatred between these two teams, much less their fans. So while we know there are going to be Steelers fans invading both M&T Bank Stadium as well as this 'Open Thread' we know we can hold our own and defend our turf, be it on the gridiron as well as on the "pages" of Baltimore Beatdown.

So bring it, Ravens fans and let's here how psyched you are watching this game as we start off the 2011 NFL regular season with a great victory over those hated AFC North rivals. GO RAVENS!!!

NOTE: Check out the YouTube video above, Terry Motivation's Ode to Ray Lewis 'I TRIED TO TELL EM,' produced by Jason JetPlane. DOWNLOAD LISTEN and COMMENT!!!!